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Mastering Trading is One of the Most difficult things to Achieve

The three pillars that enable you to be profitable are technical analysis and systematic approach, emotional knowledge of oneself and others and finally lots of experience.

Technical analysis is at the heart of being consistently profitable, without a systematic approach trading will be gambling and you will often rely on emotional urges which will make you lose more than you win. There are many ways to study the market and all will come with their ups and downs. Here we will cover the most popular ones, see what these techniques individually offer, how they combine and where they can disagree. Common trading techniques are Moving Averages, Candlestick patterns, Trendlines, Indicators, Fibonacci Extensions, Wyckoff Distribution, Eliott Wave Theory, Volume analysis and much more.

Emotional understanding is essential, most unprofitable trades are due to impulsive buying or selling. Emotional mastery is probably the most challenging thing to get under control, traders who have been trading for many years and know all techniques can still perform poorly if they don't stick to their plan and risk management.

Experience is crucial, you can know all the theory but if you enter a market where you are unfamiliar with it is possible you will be surprised how much you will have to adapt.